Walk to End Alzheimer's 2016

This month, Williamsburg Landing is participating in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s on October 22nd. Our team of staff and residents has risen over $8,000 for the organization and has set a goal of raising $13,000 before the event.

So what exactly is Alzheimer’s disease? According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia that causes difficulties with a person’s memory, thinking, and behavior. Dementia is a disorder of the way humans process information mentally, which can be identified by personality shifts, memory loss, and other impacts that prevent an individual from performing everyday activities. It’s important to remember that dementia is not a specific type of disease, but the Alzheimer’s Association reports that 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases are Alzheimer’s disease. Many seniors do experience memory loss, but that does not necessarily mean they have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Severe mental decline is not a normal part of the typical aging process, and that is why our team is walking this month: to fight for a cure.

There is not currently a cure for this life altering disease, but there are treatment methods to slow the symptoms and make everyday life a little easier for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s Association uses the funds that are raised to support Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers, as well as for extensive research to find a cure.

If you’d like to visit our Walk to End Alzheimer’s page, please visit it here