Cycling Without Age Trishaw Makes 2020 Debut at Williamsburg Landing

Williamsburg Landing is a proud sponsor of Cycling Without Age Williamsburg and happy to announce that it will be the first community to offer Trishaw rides in 2020.

Cycling Without Age is a movement that was started in Copenhagen, Denmark as a solution to helping seniors with limited mobility get back on their bicycles. The founder began offering free trishaw rides to local nursing home residents and found that he was able to spark joy in their lives by giving everyone the right to wind in their hair.

Since its founding in 2012, Cycling Without Age has developed chapters all over the world. The Williamsburg Chapter is a joint project of the Williamsburg Area Bicyclists and BikeWalk Williamsburg and works within seven local senior living communities giving free rides all over scenic Williamsburg.

Williamsburg Landing’s pilot, Joey Lotts, has been giving rides in the community for three years now. While driving the trishaw gives him a great workout, he gains more from his passengers. “It’s fun for me to listen to the stories that come from these rides,” said Lotts. “The residents tell me about the first time they rode a bike and the last time they were on one. And I get to provide them with a new experience, share the fresh air and make them smile. It’s a win win.” Joey told us that his most popular route is what he likes to call the community garden tour. He has partnered up with Bruce Milne, grounds manager, to develop the best route for viewing the many beautiful flower gardens around campus.

Resident Diane Stevenson took the first ride of the season with Joey on August 12. Joey asked her about the last time she rode a bike and she unveiled that she never was one for bike riding after the first time she fell off of one. But that didn’t stop her from boarding the trishaw for a ride around Boatwright Circle. “This is more my style,” she said of the two-seater ride.

Joey will be giving free 20-minute rides to residents in all levels of care on a weekly basis. The trishaw is equipped to hold two people comfortably and is easily accessible, even for individuals who are wheelchair bound. The trishaw will go through a thorough cleaning after each ride. For the safety and protection of riders and pilot, face masks will be worn by all parties for the duration of the ride.