What to Look for in a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Today, an increasing number of Americans are reaching retirement age. And with retirement comes the opportunity to spend more time doing the things that we love and give us the most pleasure in life.

While some retirement age adults today choose to continue working in some capacity, virtually everyone looks forward to a lifestyle that is more carefree and less burdened by the responsibilities of taking care of a home and property. As a result, downsizing is a consistent theme among them.

Why a Continuing Care Retirement Community Might Be the Perfect Choice

For those seeking greater freedom and more free time, there are a variety of lifestyle options available. One of the most comprehensive is the Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC, which offers active, worry-free living and the assurance of health care and additional support on site if ever needed in the future.

U.S. News & World Report, “The choices are broader for healthy seniors and usually involve what's called a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC. These communities are not all alike and offer different levels of care and payment models. The most fully equipped CCRCs provide living units for healthy residents, but also offer on-site facilities and health care staffing for those needing assisted living, full-time nursing care and even Alzheimer's (memory care) facilities. Their strongest selling point is in reassuring residents and their families that a person can stay at the CCRC for the rest of his or her life and receive whatever care he or she may need.”

Likewise, according to AARP, when you or your parents decide it is time to move from the family home, Continuing Care Retirement Communities may be well worth considering. Offering a variety of services within one community, CCRCs guarantee lifetime housing, financial protection, tax advantages and social activities along with increased levels of care as your needs change.

What Leading CCRCs Offer

Leading Continuing Care Retirement Communities enable residents to maintain an active, independent lifestyle while providing a full continuum of health care on site. A CCRC provides care for a resident’s needs through all stages of life: independent livinghome health careassisted livingseparate and secure memory carerehabilitative servicesskilled nursing care and long-term care, all on one campus. The advantages of a CCRC are many, including the fact that residents can enjoy personal freedom complemented by security, support and peace of mind.

Additional services such as dining, housekeeping, scheduled transportation, home maintenance, security and activities, are also provided.

9 Tips for Finding the Right CCRC for You

It is highly recommended that you and your loved one visit all CCRCs that you are considering prior to making any final decision. Be sure to take sufficient time to tour the community and see firsthand what you will experience there. Here are some questions to keep in mind on the tour: Is the environment clean and attractive? Do the residents seem happy? Is the living space attractive and functional? Is there a vibrant social environment?

Various expert sources agree that when looking for a Continuing Care Retirement Community for yourself or a loved one, there are several key factors you should look for:

  • Services and Amenities – What types  of services are offered at the CCRC? Which ones are included in monthly fee versus  an additional charge? Do the available services support worry-free living and enhance your daily lifestyle? Are resort-style amenities available within the community?
  • Social Activities – An active and engaged social life is considered very important for continued physical and emotional health and well-being.Does the community provide cultural, educational, recreational and social events and activities – both on-site and off-site?
  • Wellness Features – Regular exercise and wellnessactivitiesare also viewed by experts as crucial to maintaining mind and body health. Does the communityoffer state-of-the-art fitness facilities, the assistance of personal trainers, spa treatments and regularly scheduled wellness activities?
  • Dining – An exceptional dining experience that also meets your health and nutrition needs is something you deserve in your well-earned retirement. Does the community offer both fine dining and casual dining options on the premises?
  • Quality Healthcare Services – Does the community offer on-site medical care such as a primary care clinic and physician’s office? Does the community have a full-time medical director? In the event your health needs change, is there on-site nursing care, home health care or other supportive health services?
  • Location – As they say, “Location, location, location!” Be sure the CCRC is in a community that meets your unique needs and preferences and offers the type of setting and lifestyle you enjoy – whether it’s enjoying nature, walking, shopping or going out on the town.
  • Resident Satisfaction – Do those living there appear to be happy and enjoying life? Leading CCRCs provide an environment where the residents live an engaged lifestyle, featuring wellness, learning, leisure activities and a variety social options.
  • Financial Considerations – Be sure you understand the financial terms of your CCRC agreement. CCRCs typically require that incoming residents sign a contractual agreement. This agreement will secure the individual’s living accommodations and services – often times inclusive of healthcare services over the long term. Normally, a monthly service fee is charged for routine upkeep and maintenance of the community’s services and facilities.
  • Accreditation – Last but certainly not least, when you begin searching for a Continuing Care Retirement Community the importance of accreditation is significant. Accreditation demonstrates a CCRC’s commitment to continuously improve service quality, encourage feedback and to focus on the satisfaction of the residents served. For example, Williamsburg Landing is the first and only CARF-CCAC accredited Continuing Care Retirement Community in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and among only 15 percent of accredited CCRCs in the country.

Lisa Bates, Senior Director Marketing & Sales, says, “One of the greatest advantages of a CCRC is that it enables residents to ‘Live in Place.’ You’ll never have to worry about moving to another community if your support needs or healthcare requirements suddenly change.”

“At Williamsburg Landing, we provide assurance for residents and their families that a continuum of quality health care, services and amenities is always available, thus enhancing their lives while securing their futures and providing peace of mind. Regardless of the level of care or support you require, we will elevate your lifestyle and enrich your life – mind, body and spirit.”

Welcome to Williamsburg Landing

Looking for a vibrant, engaging and fulfilling way of life? If so, you’ll find it at Williamsburg Landing.

Nestled on 137 wooded acres along the serene banks of College Creek in Williamsburg, Virginia, Williamsburg Landing is the premier, not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) serving Williamsburg and its surrounding areas since 1985. With one visit, you’ll understand what makes Williamsburg Landing so special.

Williamsburg Landing is an ideal blend of beautiful landscaping and elegant, Colonial architecture. It invites residents to become part of its vibrant, active lifestyle and rest assured in its five-star medical care. It eases worries with maintenance-free homes and apartments with resort-style amenities and services. The community thrives with energetic, involved and friendly people who love to live here and the warmth of dedicated, committed professionals who love to work here.

With a past rich in tradition and a future filled with promise, Williamsburg Landing is the perfect place to call home. For today and tomorrow.

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