Williamsburg Landing Introduces Connections Program in Memory Support

Williamsburg Landing announced the launching of its new signature program, Connections, focusing on personalized engagement for those living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias in their Memory Support Home.  One of the highlights of the Connections program is its award-winning, evidence-based care model, “Behavior-Based Ergonomics Therapy” (BBET). The BBET philosophy centers around ergonomics: the science of tailoring the environment to reduce stress on an individual.  Staffed by licensed and certified nurses and support staff, all are BBET-certified in its uniquely customized approach. It does not involve the use of drugs and additional proven benefits include a reduction in falls and improvement in mood and behavior. The BBET model has received six national awards and has been implemented successfully in senior communities around the country. Williamsburg Landing’s BBET model, developed by Dr. Govind Bharwani (Wright University, Dayton, Ohio), is the first and only such program in Virginia.


The Connections program also offers “Opening Minds through Art” (OMA), an award-winning, evidence-based intergenerational art program specifically for those living with dementia. Its failure-free program provides opportunities for creative self-expression and social engagement for its participants.  In addition, OMA also offers high-school and college student volunteers with opportunities to improve their knowledge and understanding of dementia. Additional components include: Therapeutic Music & Art, Parallel Programming, Sensory Garden relaxation and Wellness & Fitness. Williamsburg Landing’s program also offers supportive and educational services for family members.


According to Pattie Gaudio, Williamsburg Landing’s Dementia Services Educator, “We were tasked with finding the best practices in dementia care across the country that we could bring to Williamsburg Landing. It is so exciting to see this program of excellence come together in Connections.”