Some Say Timing Is Everything…

So If You Are Thinking Of Moving To The Landing, It’s Time To Give Us A Call!

We are offering a promotional incentive to those who choose a home or apartment before February 29, 2020.

*Incentives are limited to select models

Here is a sample of how much you can save!

River Court

0% Refund Entrance Fee Plan

50% Refund Entrance Fee Plan

90% Refund Entrance Fee Plan

Entrance Fee





*Plus: Up to $1,000 Move In Reimbursement & $500 reimbursement for approved decorator service.




Entrance Fee




Rates based on single occupancy. *2nd Floor Apartments feature the same incentive as above, but the base rate is slightly higher since second floor apartments include a private screened balcony.


For detailed information, please contact the Marketing Office at
(757) 565-6505