Williamsburg Landing Adult Day Center

“Then my neighbor called…”

Joan and Dan have been married for many decades but recently, Dan’s memory was slipping. Joan’s goal is to care for him as she always had – no one else would love him and care for him the way she did. One Tuesday morning she went to get gas in the car on the way to her regular hair appointment – that’s when the neighbor called: “I just saw Dan walking down Jamestown Road – where is he off to? Should I pick him up?”

Joan could no longer escape the idea that Dan could not be left alone, even for an hour or two. But she didn’t relish the idea of people coming to the house each day, sometimes a different person every day. And moving to Assisted Living? No, Assisted Living was not the right approach for many reasons, not the least of which was cost.

The solution? Williamsburg Landing Adult Day.

What Joan wants and needs is a safe environment for Dan, so she can get some rest and run a few errands without worry. However, Dan needs more than an afternoon of activities. He needs a care plan, medication, therapeutic activities, and sometimes even some personal care. How he would love a full array of enrichment programs like art, music and gardening.

Williamsburg Landing Adult Day Center will offer an innovative, licensed, health-based day program for those over age 50 who can no longer be left alone during the day. Our program will provide respite for at-home Caregivers and participants, providing on-site nursing staff with medication management. In addition to our residents, our Adult Day Center will be available to the greater community offering a safe and structured program for at least five days per week, ten hours a day. Anticipated opening is early 2018.