A Foundation of Philanthropy

Honoring Our Founders, Investing in Our Future.

At Williamsburg Landing, donors have always made the difference. Even before opening our doors in 1985, our library was the result of a generous donation to purchase books and supplies – and the tradition of caring for others was established. Throughout the years, donor support has made a measurable impact on the quality of life here.


Your gift makes Williamsburg Landing better.

Williamsburg Landing Community Fund: As we’ve learned throughout the history of this community, needs and circumstances fluctuate over time. That’s why we’re continually charting a new course for Williamsburg Landing and the Williamsburg Landing Community Fund allows us the flexibility to best serve our residents as needs arise. 

Wellness Initiatives: This fund helps provide more of what makes life meaningful and fun—libraries, support groups, chaplain’s programs, concerts, art exhibitions, building and maintaining walking trails, speaker series, cooking demonstrations, and more.

Campus Enhancement: From walking trails and band shells to community centers and poolside cabanas, your gift can transform the place we call home! 

Adult Day Scholarships and Programs: Your gift to Adult Day can help reduce daily fees for low-income participants and create more engagement through music, day trips, and arts and crafts programming.

Employee Education: Our employees are the backbone of our community and every day they look for ways to excel. To help them do so, we have several educational funds to provide grants for those who wish to pursue training, some of which provide scholarship opportunities for further education for employees and their family members.

For more information on how you can help us continue to improve the quality of life for our residents and staff, call Sally Wolfe, Chief Development Officer, at 757-253-9677.