So Many Ways to Make a Difference

As a non-profit organization, many projects at Williamsburg Landing have come to fruition through generous gifts of time, talent and treasure from residents, family members, board members and the greater Williamsburg community.

From walking paths to the Adult Day program, there are many ways for your gift to make a difference, providing the very best in lifestyle and Life Care today, and also for generations of individuals to come. 

Your tax-deductible, charitable gifts can be made during your lifetime – such as a donation of money or stock – or through your estate as a planned gift. We even offer the convenience of a Charitable Gift Calculator to help you determine the amount you wish to give. 

Your generosity can be expressed in a variety of forms, from bequests and charitable annuities to real estate and life insurance. You have so many opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of others – either now or in the future. But one thing is definite: Your generosity will be greatly appreciated and will mean a great deal to the many people you help. 

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Your Donation Touches Lives

Dr. Park, a retired optometrist, spent his career helping others, but his struggle with dementia left him isolated and struggling to communicate. Dr. Park was one of the first to arrive at Williamsburg Landing’s Adult Day Center on opening day, April 2, 2018. By the end of his first day, he was reminiscing with the staff about his earlier days when he provided eye glasses to those in need in Africa. 

Moments like this are why we opened the Adult Day Center and why we are asking for your financial support. Dr. Park is making friends, finding his words again, and making life a little easier for those who love him, all thanks to generous donations from people in our community who care.

A Treasured Legacy

Ray and Alice McKeighan took great joy in giving.

As a history teacher, Ray shared his love of American history with generations of students. His retirement announcement wasn’t a form letter – he drafted his very own Declaration of Independence, including the right to play golf and sleep late. He was always ready with a joke or a story. Learn more