5 Ways to Build a Stronger Tomorrow

  1. Make a gift to Williamsburg Landing in your will or trust. You can retain control of your assets and change your mind later, if need be.
  2. Name Williamsburg Landing as the beneficiary of your retirement account. Unlike family members, Williamsburg Landing receives these assets tax-free.
  3. Have appreciated stock?  Use that to make your gift and you can avoid paying capital gains on any increase in their value.
  4. Use your Entrance Fee Refund to make a gift! You can assign your refund to Williamsburg Landing and get a generous tax deduction in the process.
  5. Want to do well and do good? Create a life income gift such as a charitable gift annuity. You'll get a tax deduction, regular annual income and Williamsburg Landing gets the remainder. Click here to use our Charitable Gift Calculator

Your gifts to Williamsburg Landing can benefit both YOU and the community you call home.

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