A Foundation of Philanthropy

At Williamsburg Landing, donors have always made the difference. Even before opening our doors in 1985, our library was the result of a generous donation to purchase books and supplies – and the tradition of caring for others was established. Throughout the years, donor support has had measurable impact on the quality of life here.

The lush and colorful landscape of Williamsburg Landing is no accident. Throughout the years, residents and family members have given to Campus Beautification creating gardens, installing sculptures and building a landscape services building.

Our award-winning Adult Day Center was made possible by generous donors by giving to our Safe Harbor Campaign.

Williamsburg Landing is rightfully proud of the health care heroes who work here. You can support them through the Stephen H. Montgomery Employee Training and Education Fund. This fund pays for classes and textbooks so that our employees can pursue their dreams and provide better care to our residents – a true win-win!

Life a Williamsburg Landing offers a myriad of enrichment opportunities for residents – live music, engaging speakers. With a gift to endow our Arts and Cultural activities, even more can be done. Imagine the possibilities! Art classes and exhibitions. Photography. Film Festivals. Book clubs.

Let’s talk! Call Sally Wolfe at 253-9677 for more information.

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