A Legacy of Caring for Others

Williamsburg Landing Development Program History and Highlights

At Williamsburg Landing, donors truly make the difference.

Our valued donors have provided significant support for the Benevolence Fund as well as numerous other initiatives. These gifts help make Williamsburg Landing the special community it is.

What can your generous donation mean to Williamsburg Landing?

Campus Beautification: Williamsburg Landing has a strong history of giving for campus beautification projects. With donor support, we have been able to purchase flowers and bulbs, build gazebos, garden benches and walking trails, and complete other landscaping projects.  The most notable of these gifts is the construction of a new  Landscape Services building,  made possible through generous donations.

Benevolence Endowment: Endowment gifts to the Benevolence Fund, including the campaign to honor William Doig, permit lifelong care for Williamsburg Landing residents. Thanks to your generosity to the Benevolence Fund, no resident has ever been asked to leave because illness or a long life depleted the resources meant to see him or her through.

Special Gifts and Legacies: Several projects at Williamsburg Landing have been made possible in part by generous gifts. A few notable examples include eleven named Woodhaven Rooms, the Boatwright Chapel and the cupola in the lobby of the health club and spa.  

Program Funds: Each department on campus has its own program fund, so if your interest is the library, your gift may support purchases of materials. Perhaps you appreciate our employees and would like to assist in their training? Or you find the work of our memory caregivers meaningful. Your gift can expand their efforts.

Refund of Entrance FeesResidents have the option of assigning all or a portion of an anticipated refund of the entrance fee to Williamsburg Landing, rather than include such refund in their estate. A generous current year tax deduction often accompanies these gifts.

Other Important Gifts: Many gifts enhance the everyday lives of our residents. The William A. Doig Health Club and Spa has received generous support in the form of needed exercise equipment. Other such gifts include computer equipment, vehicles, furniture, books – even a bus to provide transportation.

There are opportunities to contribute today. Call Sally Wolfe at 253-9677 if you would like to learn more.

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