So Many Ways to Give

Help improve the lives of those Williamsburg Landing serves every day. Tax deductible, charitable gifts can be made during your lifetime or through your estate. There are so many ways to give and make a difference – either now or in the future.

Give Today

You may make a tax-deductible gift to Williamsburg Landing, Inc. for any purpose by these means. Gifts of appreciated stock will be free of capital gains. Please make checks payable to Williamsburg Landing.

Plan Your Gift

Bequests are the most popular way that friends of Williamsburg Landing have left legacies. A bequest may be large or small, restricted or unrestricted, according to the donor’s wishes. Often a bequest may provide tax benefits, too. Adding a simple codicil to your will is one way to achieve this goal.

A charitable gift annuity permits the donor to give a gift to Williamsburg Landing, while receiving a generous rate of return (as high as 9%), and also getting a substantial tax deduction. CGAs may be funded with cash or stock, and are irrevocable. Use our online gift calculator to get a sense for  how a charitable gift annuity might work for you.

The entrance fee you paid can be assigned to Williamsburg Landing,  a gift that is accompanied by a corresponding current year tax deduction.

An outright gift of real estate will provide you with a tax deduction for a charitable contribution, and it may enable you to realize savings on the capital gains tax on the amount of appreciation.

You may make Williamsburg Landing the beneficiary of your life insurance policy or donate a policy on which you have paid some premiums. You would then claim an income tax deduction on the present value of the policy at the time of the donation. If you continue to pay the premiums, you may continue to claim tax deductions.

Retirement plans, such as an IRA, a Keogh plan, a section 401(k) plan or a stock bonus plan may be subject to both income and estate taxes at the owner’s death.  Naming Williamsburg Landing as the beneficiary of all or part of a retirement plan provides a way to manage tax planning and help Williamsburg Landing residents.

Automobiles, woodworking equipment and many other things may be donated and may qualify for a tax deduction if Williamsburg Landing can use the items. Donors may also contribute gently used clothing or household items to the resident-run flea market. Sale proceeds benefit the residents’ association and its activities, however, gifts to the residents' association are not tax-deductible.

For additional information, please contact:

Sally P. Wolfe
Senior Director of Development
Williamsburg Landing
5700 Williamsburg Landing Drive 
Williamsburg, Virginia 23185 
(p) 757-253-9677
(f) 757-565-6527