Get the Conversation Started

Are you concerned about your parents living alone, but not sure where to turn?

At Williamsburg Landing, we understand your worries. More than a Life Plan Community (formerly known as Continuing Care Retirement Community), we’re a resource for families, providing information, education and guidance. We’ve compiled some tips to get the conversation started with your parents.

Remember, if you have any questions, we’re here to give you answers. Call any time.

Tips For Having a Positive Conversation about Senior Living

There’s no easy way to broach the subject of senior living and have this conversation with your parent or loved one. But the reality is that avoiding it will only lead to more problems.

By talking now, you have the time to work together and make the most appropriate choice for everyone involved. Follow these tips and your conversation can be productive and positive.

  1. Do your homework. Gather information – brochures, websites, flyers, etc. — on the types of communities and services in your area so you can add valuable information and photos to your conversation.

  2. There’s no time like the present. Talk now about what your loved one wants and needs in senior living. Don’t wait until an emergency requires you have the conversation. Making important decisions during times of crisis is difficult and may lead to choosing a community that doesn’t fit well. By planning in advance, you have options. Waiting until a move is absolutely necessary can limit your choices.

  3. Include your siblings or other family members who will be helping in the transition from home to senior living in the decision making process. Don’t leave anyone out. If you’re all on the same page, it will make the move so much easier.

  4. Make sure you explain how senior living has changed over the years to fit the wants and needs of today’s seniors. Today, it’s just not about support and health care; it’s about lifestyle, personal enrichment and fulfillment.

  5. Share your concerns with your loved ones about their safety and well-being. Make sure you also listen to them about concerns they have about moving.

  6. Make a plan. Consider location, community type, levels of care, amenities, services and finances. Based on that information, schedule tours with your loved in communities that fit the criteria; only an on-site tour will provide the “feeling” of the community you need to make the right choice.