Joy in Giving

Ray and Alice McKeighan took great joy in giving.

As a history teacher, Ray shared his love of American history with generations of students.  His retirement announcement wasn’t a form letter – he drafted his very own Declaration of Independence, including the right to play golf and sleep late. He was always ready with a joke or a story.

The McKeighans enjoyed the part they played in making Williamsburg Landing just a little bit better. Alice noted that the hymnals our chaplains passed out each week were worn, so she provided new ones for everyone.  Ray noticed that our employees were walking in the rain to visit residents, so he purchased a golf cart for the clinic. Once, after our plumbing crew was helpful in one of their moves, a new work van arrived as a thank you for a job well done.

Ray and Alice particularly admired the work of our Landscape team.  Their legacy gift to Williamsburg Landing was through a charitable gift annuity.  The annuity provided income during their lifetimes and the remainder was used to help fund construction of the new Landscape Services building. How they would have enjoyed seeing Bruce Milne and his team occupying their new facility!