Fitbits Can Benefit Seniors

Are you looking to spice up your afternoon walk around the neighborhood? Do you want to better track how much exercise you’re getting each day? Fitness trackers such as the Fitbit are becoming more and more popular amongst all ages. The goal of these devices is to help people live more active, healthy lifestyles and to be more aware of how much physical activity they participate in every day.

There are various types of Fitbits, and the most popular one at Williamsburg Landing is the Fitbit Zip. This handy device clips right on to a belt buckle or pocket and will track your steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned each day. “My daughter gave me my Fitbit as a gift. It helps me stay more aware of how active I am every day,” said Jane Peters, resident of Williamsburg Landing.

Fitness trackers can benefit seniors in multiple ways:

  • Sleep: Sleeping habits can change and become more disrupted as you age. Some models of the Fitbit allow you to track your quality and length of sleeping hours throughout the night. Being aware of sleeping deficiencies can help you and your loved ones come up with a plan to adjust your nightly routine or seek further help if needed.
  • Diet: Through the mobile app you gain access to when you purchase your Fitbit, you can set nutritional goals and even scan various food items at the grocery store to see if they are meeting your individual health needs.
  • Socializing: You can add friends online who also have Fitbits and compete with them every day to see who took the most steps, traveled the furthest, and burned the most calories.“I walk about 2 miles a day. I like that I can compete with others to see how much they have walked,” said Anne Hanchey, resident of Williamsburg Landing


 Photo credit: elliemcc11 via / CC BY-SA