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Resident Poetry

One of our residents, Mr. John Ogden, has been invited by The Poetry Society of Virginia to read poems at one of their hosted events this weekend. He was selected as one of four to read new poems, as well as some old favorites! The Poetry Society of Virginia helps to advance the cause and recognition of poetry throughout the state.

Under-the-Radar Exceptional Care

Every day, Williamsburg Landing employees are quietly going about their business – the business of caring for our residents. It might be helping with a heavy door, or anticipating a request for hot coffee, or singing a favorite tune because they know residents love it too.

We heard a story recently about one of our employees, Darrell, who works in our Transportation Department. His consideration for our residents isn’t because he is an employee here. It is because he is a gentleman who holds doors, helps with grocery carts, and always greets you with a smiling “hello”.

Senior Soldier Social

On November 25, 2016, the Echo Company’s 1LT Russ and SSG Clarke along with 8 Soldiers traveled to Williamsburg Landing for a Senior/Soldier social event. Echo has a partnership program with us to provide Soldiers an alternate form of mentorship with residents in the community. These residents are retired high ranking military members. Additionally these Soldiers helped us with their Toys for Tots drive. Echo has a tradition of conducting a Toys for Tots drive on base, so they decided to provide our community with the keys to success.

National Family Caregivers Month

Throughout our lives we go from being cared for by our loved ones, to potentially caring for those same people who took care of us from the very beginning. Each caregiver is unique, and each experiences different challenges depending on their loved one’s situation.

Fitbits Can Benefit Seniors

Are you looking to spice up your afternoon walk around the neighborhood? Do you want to better track how much exercise you’re getting each day? Fitness trackers such as the Fitbit are becoming more and more popular amongst all ages. The goal of these devices is to help people live more active, healthy lifestyles and to be more aware of how much physical activity they participate in every day.

Flu Season is Approaching

Because the human body’s immune system gradually becomes weaker as time goes on, it is of the utmost importance that those 65 years and older take all precautions to prepare for flu season. As it approaches, we have a few actions you can take this flu season to stay healthy:

Walk to End Alzheimer's 2016

This month, Williamsburg Landing is participating in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s on October 22nd. Our team of staff and residents has risen over $8,000 for the organization and has set a goal of raising $13,000 before the event.

Bond... James Bond

Residents danced the night away at our James Bond 007 event on Wednesday evening. Virginia Beach band “Skylark” played live music while residents danced and enjoyed martinis and champagne. There was also a guest appearance by actor “Sean Connery” who was the first individual to play Bond in a movie. 

Greater Williamsburg United Way

During Williamsburg Landing’s 18th annual “stuffin’ parties”, 130 resident volunteers assembled letters for the Greater Williamsburg United Way. Over 16,200 letters were mailed and volunteers worked a combined 290 hours on this project. Residents worked three full days in the month of September to help United Way in their advocacy efforts.